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Roquin Group, emerges as a familiar avocado packing business early 80´s in Tinguindin, Michoacan. Thanks to its family values, accompanied with hard work and perseverance, we have positioned at first in domestic market and then in international markets.


With 2 packinghouses strategically located in Jalisco and Michoacan, we access the highest volume areas of avocado production in the country, being Mexico the largest producer and exporter in the world. This allow us select the best quality available, to be packed for our customers.
Our packinghouses have modern facilities and the best technology available, to realize efficiently and competitively our processes. We have obtained certifications internationally recognized, that support the effort we make every day.
Contributing to the improvement of the environment, we have invested in projects of sustainable infrastructure, for example in both packinghouses, we have plants of wastewater treatment in order to reuse the water, also in Michoacan 70% of the energy consumed in the packinghouse comes from solar cells.


Committed with our customers, the company has distinguished for the high quality of its products, meeting the requirements of the most demanding markets worldwide. Currently we have presence in the most important avocado markets in the world, USA, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia.

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An important strategy for the success of the company was its vertical integration to become avocado growers, from cultivation in orchads, we care the plant growth, to produce the highest quality fruits, those who later the consumers will get through our products.
We also have been worked in the technification of orchards, using modern techniques of planting and harvesting, certificating our orchards with Global GAP and Primus GFS certifications, to guarantee the inocuity and safety of the fruit.

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Carr. Jacona – Los Reyes Km. 40
Tinguindín, Michoacan. México
TELEFONO +52 (354) 558 30 46
+52 (354) 558 30 49


El Casco 1 S/N
Gomez Farias, Jalico. México
TELEFONO. +52 (341) 106 99 04
+52 (331) 520 13 57